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User Agreement:

First time here. Please read this entire short page.  We also recommend  you browse Comments & Questions, and Warning Page. Thank you.
Flea Market Post requires no membership fees for using our service.  We act solely as advertiser for posting classified ads..  Unlike auctions, a seller of merchandise has the right to sell to anyone, at any price at their own discretion.  Highest offer does not obligate or bind the seller to a person making the highest offer.  Like any other open flea market you basically set your own terms and cut your own deals, so haggle to your heart's content. If advertising merchandise you can use a FTP address to display a picture, or simple link your web site in the form field on the posting form..   What is FTP? Read Comment or Questions page.

At Flea Market Post, users of this site can promote and or advertise their service, business or web site and have the option to link a URL address that will direct people to their business or web site.  In the information section of your ad, advertisers can also state the quantity of the items available for sale, and link a URL address/website. Note, this is a great way to sell out an entire lot of merchandise or items.   This is also a great way to direct people to your web site for advertising your service or business. Note!  you may place a URL hyperlink but under no circumstances are REFERRAL URL Hyperlink's   ALLOWED ON THIS WEB SITE  A referral URL is a hyperlink that adds a member's code to the end of a hyperlink.  All hyperlinks back to a business or web site must end in a .com, .org, .gov etc: All ads in violation of our user agreement will be deleted.

All advertisements posted eastern standard time on the 15th of each month de-list the following month on the 15th.  This means your ad gets listed approximately one month depending on the date you posted your ad.  THE EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE ARE ADS THAT LINK TO A WEB SITE.   IF YOUR AD LINKS TO A WEB SITE WE CONSIDER INTERESTING WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY RENEW YOUR AD.  IF YOU WANT YOUR RENEWED AD REMOVED, JUST SIMPLE SEND AN E-MAIL TO: Customerservice@Fleamarketpost.com AND WRITE REMOVE AD STATING TITLE OF AD.

Because Flea Market Post is an open flea market where you can buy sell anything that is legal we request you refrain from pornographic URL's and foul language. If you are advertising an adult site specify that in your ad. This site will be read by children so please avoid profanity.  Thank you.

Do not attach a member's code to a web link. These are called referral URL's which are banned on this web site.  All web links must end in a .com, .org, .gov etc:

When listing an item for sale you have many options. You can list at a set Price, Price and/or Best Offer, Best Offer, or simple state see below if listing or referring to more than one item.  Unlike auctions, Best Offer doesn't necessarily mean highest price offered.  As stated above sellers, at their own discretion,  can sell to whomever they want.  By using this site, buyers and sellers agree to send expensive items COD insured, or where available take personal possession of items purchased.. This is more expensive, but this protects buyers, and sellers from unscrupulous transactions.  In addition the buyer has (3) three days to notify the seller they are returning the item(s) purchased.  In such cases the buyer is responsible for paying shipping and insurance costs for the return of the item(s).  These are our rules for using this web site; which we cannot enforce.  Basically buyer and seller set their own terms including return of merchandise or anything obtained from using this web site. All damage disputes are to be handled between buyer and seller; therefore as stated above it is strongly recommended that valuable items and/or merchandise be insured.  Transactions where fraud is believed to have occurred should be referred to the appropriate legal authority having jurisdiction.

Positive feedback is not posted on this site.   For feedback you may wish to visit other sites.  We believe feedback can sometimes be deceptive.  HONESTY, TRUST AND INTEGRITY IS OUR MOTTO; as such we hope there will be few disputes that will result in litigation.  In the interest of public awareness we will list comments and complaints received regarding people or web sites that post ads on our web site.  The complaints are not to be construed as factual but rather the opinion of a complainant.  To be fair, any person or web site that is listed in a complaint may offer a rebuttal or counter opinion regarding an opinionated complaint; which will be posted on our warning page.  If you post an ad you affirm your agreement to have opinionated complaints posted, which you may rebut.

The following is a summary what is allowed and not allowed on this web site:

Do not use foul language for children view these ads.

Do not attach a member's code to a web link. These are called referral URL's which are banned on this web site.  All web links must end in a .com, .org, .gov etc:

Please note because Flea Market Post is a open flea market designed for the general public, it is almost impossible for us to guarantee the authenticity or quality of any item(s) being sold, or to affirm the character and intent of a person placing an ad on this site including the authenticity, validity of a business or service advertised;
therefore users of this site agree to the following:  Buyer or seller will not hold Flea Market Post liable for any loss that might be occurred  regarding any transaction, or service obtained as a result of an ad placed on this site. In this respect, buyers and sellers waive and release Flea Market Post from all Governmental Civil Codes, where applicable, that entails or may encompass litigation regarding a dispute, fraud, or any other transaction, that is directly or indirectly related to an advertisement placed on Flea Market Post.   Under no circumstances is Flea Market Post liable for costs sustained for damages, lost profits either incidental or consequential from any transaction that may have occurred.  In the event of fraud or misrepresentation of merchandise placed on Flea Market Post for sale, our liability is limited solely to the cost of the advertisement, which at this time is nothing.  Further, users of this site will not hold Flea Market Post liable for missed postings or listings which are the result of disruptions to computer servers which is beyond Flea Market Post's control.   In addition to the above, Flea Market Post reserves the right to edit any ad, including the removal of any ad we feel is not appropriate for viewing, including a public announcement warning of ads violating our user agreement.

De-listings will take place on the 15th of each month eastern standard time. As such  users may experience a black out period of one to three hours while Flea Market Post updates listings on the above dates. AS STATED ABOVE, PLEASE NOTE! IF YOUR AD LINKS TO A WEB SITE WE CONSIDER INTERESTING WE MAY AUTOMATICALLY RENEW YOUR AD AT NO COST TO YOU.   IF YOU WANT YOUR RENEWED AD REMOVED, JUST SIMPLE SEND AN E-MAIL TO Customerservice@Fleamarketpost.com AND WRITE REMOVE AD STATING TITLE OF AD..

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