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Thank you for using Flea Market Post. There is one last procedure to get your ad posted. Read Below.  

Verification for posting requires you send an E-mail to: Ads@Fleamarketpost.com with the same E-mail address that you placed in your form. 

In your E-mail Title write: "Verification" and in  your E-mail write "the date and title of the ad you submitted".   Failure to verify will result in automatic deletion of your submittal.

As a promotional offer, you can post as many different advertisements as you want for:FREE.   Our only request is that you inform others about this site.  Thank you! 

Reminder, do not re-word or place your ad in another letter category until it expires as it will be duplicated and appear as Spam in the general flea market ads.  

All ads after editing get posted on 15th of the month.

Oops! you made a mistake.  Read common answers to questions:

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